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The Art of Simple


About Our Vases
This distinctive line of vases is designed and handcrafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

These elegant vases allow an undeniable ease in creating simple and artful arrangements.

From a single orchid stem to a handful of tulips, let your imagination inspire the possibilities.

The ordinary becomes the  extraordinary by combining color, texture and form with an astonishing versatility.



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**PLEASE TAKE NOTE: After 5 years of keeping our same prices in spite of our cost having continuosly gone up for the past two years, we are unable to hold off on a price adjustment. StartingThursday, June 26th this adjustment will be reflected on our collection page. H5 is our newest style and its price will not change as it was calculated based on real material cost from the beginning. New prices will be: H1: $72; V1: $75; H2, H3 and V2: $88; H4 and V3: $118

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding. 


UPCOMING SHOWS: June 26-29: Utah Arts Festival-Salt Lake City UT; July 12-13: Choochokam Arts-Langley WA; July 18-20: Lavender Festival-Sequim, WA and Salem Arts Festival-Salem, Oregon; July 25-27: Bellevue, WA; August 1-3: Anacortes Arts Festival and Art On The Green-Coeur D'Alene, ID