My daughter-in-law had seen your interesting and elegant  H2 stems vase at the Baltimore Craft Show, but frugally returned home empty-handed–which gave me the chance to step up and order one online for her birthday.

Thank you for the means to please my hard-to-please daughter-in-law. Now you have made two people happy. Thank you!

Leslie Falke Trainer, Baltimore MD

After walking up and down every aisle at the One a of A Kind Show there was only one single item that I returned to purchase. It was something new, fresh, useful and yet it held unlimited potential for creativity…..I purchased a one-of-a-kind Stems vase. I am looking forward to creating many interesting table scapes using this single vase.
I also appreciated the artisans’ guidance in helping me select the perfect vase for my home!

Susan Klyber, Chicago IL

I purchased a V2 vase from you at the Lyndhurst show and want you to know how much I enjoy having it in my home. Next time I need a gift, I’ll think of sending one of your vases. Congrats for thinking it up.

Addie Lein, Lyndhurst NJ

We originally bought one vase at the Lyndhurst Crafts Festival and loved it. We are hoping to keep one and give two away.

The one we already have is always on our dining room table with fresh flowers. I really adds to the environment and no matter what flowers we place in it, the arrangement comes out beautifully. We can’t wait to get our new vase!

Toni and Joaquin Lorenzo, Bronx NY

I met you at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antique and Design Show, where I bought one of your vases. I don’t know how to convey how much pleasure it has been giving to us! A friend saw it at our home and raved about it; I knew I had to give her one. I’m pretty sure that more orders are in my future. What a beautiful thing you’ve done.

My enthusiasm is real. I have no idea whether I might be your typical customer, but some of my other enthusiasms include Motawi tile, Rennie Mackintosh rose lace, Voysey wallpaper –The Shallop — from Trustworth Studios, and some stencils attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright. The thing is, those all hark back to the past, whereas your vases seem rooted in the present. Perhaps it is only the beginning for you.

Keep up the good work, and best of luck in your endeavor. I swear that there is design genius in your work. Thanks for finding me.

Linda Ogren, Deerfield IL

I purchased several of your vases at the Anacortes Art Fair last August, and absolutely love your creation.

Your vases are so lovely.
They have been cherished gifts for some of my pickiest friends!

Rosemary Lesser, Ogden UT

Hi there, I was the vendor in row A at the OOAK show who purchased a vase from you. Just LOVE it! I just filled it with rocks and two white tulips…looks great. I know I already want one for the kitchen and for xmas gifts!

Margie Laurin

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my new horizontal vase is. I got this at the crafts fair in NY. This is the best thing since sliced bread and I will be throwing out all of my other vases.

I filled mine with small seashells and It looks great!
I’ll be back for more. Just wished it was my idea. All the best.

Maddy Walton, Westchester County, NY

A friend gave me my first of your vases. They are so unusual and such fun to arrange that after that I ordered two more online which arrived in perfect condition! One more for myself and one for a wedding gift.

Debbie Ober